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10 Best Kamal Hassan Quotes

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1. “I’m an improved version of whatever you’ve seen earlier.” – Kamal Hassan

2. “It is my duty to be better than my predecessor and to see that my successor is better than me.” – Kamal Hassan

3. “Today, we should look for people with great organizational skills to run a government – not just leaders, who are good with people.” – Kamal Hassan

4. “I am a 21st century man. I don’t believe in magic. I believe in sweat, tears, life and death.” – Kamal Hassan

5. “The creation of God itself, I deduced, came from our primal fear.” – Kamal Hassan

6. “The last time I went on a holiday was about 20 years back. I don’t work anymore, because I get paid to do what I like most. So it’s like a paid holiday.” – Kamal Hassan

7. “You must have anger, as rightful wrath is what makes you create your own ethical standards.” – Kamal Hassan

8. “If it doesn’t reach the last poor man, your constitution is wrong.” – Kamal Hassan

9. “I have great respect for the unconditional teachers called “books”. Because from a book, you can either learn, or you can’t.” – Kamal Hassan

10. “When you don’t take a stand against corruption you tacitly support it.” – Kamal Hassan

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