10 Dandapani Quotes That Will Inspire You

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10 Best Dandapani Quotes

1. “The sleep factor is critical.” – Dandapani

2. “It is your choice to make your mind a heaven or hell to live in.” – Dandapani

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3. “Friendships are not light switches that you flick on and off when it is convenient for you or when you need it to serve you.” – Dandapani

Dandapani Quotes (3)

4. “Your subconscious can be your greatest barrier or your greatest ally. You must choose what you want it to be. Then work to mold it to be one of these.” – Dandapani

5. “The reason you are stressed is because you don’t keep your awareness on one thing at a time.” – Dandapani

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6. “The best way to become good at something is to take a tool and insert it into a reoccurring event in your life.” – Dandapani

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7. “It takes tremendous courage, will, and self-compassion to break the habits. Challenge yourself to live a different and better way, if not now, then when? Life is ever ebbing away.” – Dandapani

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8. “Later usually never comes. Just do it NOW.” – Dandapani

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9. “Your desires, the focus of your energy, change as you mature, causing you to leave old desires and create new ones.” – Dandapani

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10. “Once you control your mind, you can achieve anything in life.” – Dandapani

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