10 Courage Quotes That Will Inspire You

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10 Best Courage Quotes

1. “Courage – a perfect sensibility of the measure of danger, and a mental willingness to endure it.” – William T. Sherman

2. “Courage is like love, it must have hope for nourishment.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

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3. “Truth is the best arrow and courage the finest bow.” – Eva Ritchey

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4. “It takes courage to deal with failures. It takes courage to admit when you are wrong.” – R Dooley

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5. “There will always be fear; do it anyway. Let your courage inspire the world around you.” –  Steve Maraboli

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6. “The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart.” – Robert Green Ingersoll

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7. “Few persons have courage enough to appear as good as they really are.” – A.W. Hare

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8. “Courage, dear heart.” – C.S. Lewis

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9. “One moment of courage can change your day. One day can change your life. And one life can change the world.” – Mel Robbins

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10. “Courage is never to let your actions be influenced by your fears.” – Koestler

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